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INDONESIA - Choppers Sent To Fight Forest Fires In Riau - Kalimantan
INDONESIA - Choppers Sent To Fight Forest Fires
CHILE - Forest Fire Destroys Dozens Of Homes Near Chilean Port City Of Valparaiso
CHILE - Forest Fire Destroys Homes In Hills Above Chilean Port City
INDIA - Duksum Forest On Fire From 3Days
SWITZERLAND - Forest Fires In Southern Swiss Alps
INDIA - Bandipora Forest Fire Under Control
OKLAHOMA - Fire Crews Battling Wildfire At Shawnee Reservoir
INDIA - Forest Fire Perishes 150 Hectares In Dodra-Kuar
INDIA - Severe dry spell leads to forest fires in Kinnaur - locals desperate to save homes
INDIA - Forest Fire Engulfs 3 Loran Villages - Several Structures Gutted
INDIA - Villager Dies Dousing Forest Fire In Loran
TENNESSEE - Smoky Mountains Wildfire Death Toll Now At 14
ISRAEL - Israel Wildfires Spread In West Bank - More Settlers Flee
AUSTRALIA - Australia Wildfire Destroys Crops -Kills Livestock
INDIA - Massive Fire Engulfs Forest Area In Kangan
TENNESSEE - Tennessee Forest Fire Claims 3 More lives - Toll Reaches 7
INDIA - Forest Fires Turning Into A Burning Issue In The Nilgiris
TENNESSEE - Gatlinburg Fires - 4 Dead - Crews Search For Missing
VIRGINIA - Crews Battle Massive Forest Fire In Amherst County - Expect Rain To Help
ISRAEL - Firefighters Douse Fires That Forced Mass Evacuations
ISRAEL - One-third Of About 90 Fires Caused By Arson
ISRAEL - Ukrainian Aircrafts Began To Fight Wildfires In Israel
ISRAEL - Huge Fire Breaks Out Near Jerusalem
VIRGINIA - Amherst County Fire Grows To 11000 Acres - Crews Making Progress
VIRGINIA - Brush Fires Prompt Tazewell Officials To Issue Burning Ban
ISRAEL - 60000 Israelis Evacuated In Haifa As Fires Continue To Rage
ISRAEL - Fires In Israel Destroy Homes - Force Evacuations
NEW JERSEY - Fire Burning 200 Acres In Wharton State Forest
ISRAEL - Fire Burns Gevaot Forest In Gush Etzion
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2017-01-15 19:37:00 Detail Indonesia Kalimantan INDONESIA - Choppers Sent To Fight Forest Fires In Riau - Kalimantan
2017-01-13 21:18:00 Detail Indonesia Riau INDONESIA - Choppers Sent To Fight Forest Fires
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